Special Thanks and Acknowledgement:

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We would like to thank Lex Edwards and Vernie Clement for providing us with their music. The song is called “Knowledge Makers”. It was first performed at the Knowledge Makers workshops in October 2021 at TRU. Since then, they have performed it at a few TRU functions.

We would also like to thank Matthew Stranach who was present during the beginning stages of the podcast and readily available for meetings to provide technical support.

We would also like to thank Brenna Gray Clarke for all her support in helping us get the final pieces of this podcast working from guiding our Editor (Frances) in self-directed Master podcasting classes, RSS feed, Apple podcast connect glitches, to “you got this” words of encouragement have helped tremendously in getting us to the next steps. Thank you for sharing your skills and talents with us.

It is with extreme gratitude that we mention the following guest speakers who have already recorded our episodes that are to launch:

Maria Lucas – forthcoming episode to be aired July 17th, 2022 (Thank you Maria for devoting your time and energy with us.)

Laura Grizzlypaws – forthcoming episode to be aired August 7th, 2022

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